England 2013

There is probably a lot I could write about when it comes to England. My mum is English and I spent a lot of my childhood growing up there. So if I’m honest, England has always felt like home. But I’ll save all those thoughts for another blog post that has family photos.

This post is about history and England has a lot of history. The English seem to take great pains to preserve their history. Unlike America (especially California) there is less emphases on building something new and flashy. England is a county that builds up around its history. It never quite builds over it and thus ease it but it also never stops building and changing.

The “Bombed Out Church” in downtown Liverpool is one clear example of this. The church was built between 1811 and 1832 and was badly damaged in the Blitz of 1941. It now stands as a memorial to all those who were lost in World War II. It is a constant and painful reminder of what Liverpool went through during the War.

Liverpool at the time of World War II was a major international port and a prime target for the Axis during Blitz. My Nana can tell stories of having a bomb shelter in her back garden and having to hide out there at night when the air-raid sirens went off. Her school was also badly damaged during the Blitz.

2014-04-06_00042014-04-06_0001 2014-04-06_0003


Liverpool rebuilt itself after World War II and the Blitz. Now what was once St. Luke’s is the “Bombed Out Church” and it looks down towards the Bold Street shops and is surrounded by bus stops, chippies, and pubs. Life really does just go on. I really do admire how England has a way of carrying on but keeping the scares of the past with them.


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