Independence Day

It started as a crazy idea. “I will drive with you to Tennessee.” I heard myself say it but it wasn’t until our trip got closer did I begin to understand what I volunteered myself for. 2,272 miles or 33 hours of driving and we had to get there in the three-day weekend so I could be at work Monday morning.

We planned the trip out… but pretty loosely. If we made it to our goal cities everyday then we should make it in time.  But we got off to a pretty slow start. Sara got stuck in 4th of July traffic on her way to Sacramento, our original plan for tying down her stuff did not work… it was basically a hot mess. However, we were able to leave and make it to our goal city for the night.



We got back on the road for our first full day of driving on the 4th of July. Our iPod’s were fully charged and ready to blast music. We also packed tons of healthy snacks.  Slowly we worked our way out of Nevada and into Utah. I drove through Utah  (I’m sorry to all the drivers around the Salt Lake City interchange… I’m a nervous driver around interchanges).

After Salt Lake we managed to get to Wyoming. Wyoming was by far the prettiest state! We were driving through an area with gorgeous huge red mountain rocks as the sun was setting causing this deep purple sky. It was majestic. We stopped for the night again somewhere at the beginning of Nebraska. Then came Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. Those states were a blur of corn fields. We stopped for the night somewhere in southern Illinois. The last leg of the trip was Illinois, Kentucky, and into Tennessee.

Driving to Tennessee was a deeply humbling experience. America is massive country with diverse people and geography. It is difficult to describe with words. We drove through mountain ranges, miles and miles of farmland, saw 4th of July fireworks at truck stops, got rained on by a brief mid-western storm, watched lighting fly across the sky, and avoided some really bad drivers.



Let me tell you, after driving all that distance – the flight back to California felt very quick.


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