5 Tips for Taking Great Instagram Photos

I ❤ Instagram. It makes photography and micro-bloging accessible! Anyone with a smart phone can play along. I love how our photography community is growing. It includes pro photographers, weekend warriors, mommy bloggers, and now anyone with a smart phone and a passion for photography.

My instagram account is mostly flowers and buildings that I see on my walks. Some fashion, books, and food. Very few selfies. I should say that I don’t claim to be an expert on Instagram. There are people with more followers than me and who get more likes than me. However, I try to not let likes and followers drive what I do online. My tips for Instagram are from my own personal experience. I’m still learning.

  1. FOLLOW people: Instagram is full of all different types of photographers. One of the best things you can do for your own photography is to follow other photographers. Be inspired and challenged by what they do and then go out and make it your own.
  2. Take several shots: Instagram is just like all other types of photography. You’ve got to take lots of shots to see what works. Take lots of shots of your subject but try different angles and distances. Then pick your favorite to post.
  3. Use Instagram to tell a story: Instagram is a micro blogging social media site. The best shots tell a story. They show your friends how your day is going, where fun spots to eat are, your personal style, or how funny someone is. Take a great photograph but write a caption that helps the story along.
  4. Get up close: Something I have recently started doing with Instagram is taking detail shots. If a building is really interesting I might just pick one small part of it that I find particularly cool and take a close up of that. Different perspectives make images interesting. Don’t just do the same thing as everyone else. Find the part of the scene that you find interesting and then get a close up!
  5. Be social: Like other people’s work. Comment on other people’s work. Be friendly and be nice. Always be nice.

You can find me on Instgram at BeccaBarrett23



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