My 8 Favorite Photos of 2014

2014 was a bit of a slow year for me and photography. I was much busier with my “job-job” and wasn’t able to take my photographs with my professional camera. But with 2014 coming to a close I wanted to take a moment to go back over some of my favorite photographs or 2014.


1) This is my FAVORITE photo of the year. It is of my younger sister. So that only probably means that I’m bias. I also just think she looks so happy and effortlessly beautiful in this photograph (though she was probably just making fun of me when it was taken).



2) I love the light in this image. It’s filtering through the trees but also through her dress and hair. Rachael also has this huge infectious smile. Seriously, she is always smiling. She was so much fun to capture on camera.



3) 2014 was definitely the year I learned to experiment with light. I have played around with a lot of sunset. This image is really a product of that. I like this image because it is still a graduation photo. It is of a notable building on campus and the friends are all noticeably in the image. But also the light is so pretty and just ads that little extra shine to the collection.



4) Here is another photograph that uses the sunset. I thought the light bouncing off the walls of the buildings was lovely and the sky was just perfect. I am not sure this image does it justice. 2014-12-26_0010

5) I spent a lot of time this year taking photos with my iphone and posting them to instagram. I love how easy my phone makes it to quickly capture an image. The fact that nearly everyone has access to a camera now and can learn photography is so exciting to me! We are going to see more everyday people become photographers and I am really excited to learn from them and hopefully be one.



6) Look at that smile! Rachael was very brave getting in that bush so we could that this photograph. You can not tell but the bush was humming with all the bees that were in it. I am really glad she braved it because the white flowers with her white dress look lovely together!



7) 2014 was also a really difficult year of my family. We had to have a funeral for a family member that was way too soon in his young life. It was sudden and a shock to us all. I was asked to take some photos during the funeral ceremony. This one was my favorite from the church. The flowers were so beautiful and the light shone down in between the branches in such a way –it felt religious.


8) I LOVE this image. I just love it. It is so different than other things I’ve done this year. There is no shining light, no people, and it is not even an image of the whole subject. I just love how simple it is. Its color. And that it reminds me what it is like to walk up to a red mailbox and post something. Its is not a fancy image but it is one of my favorites.



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