17 Senior Photos Tips

I’ve thought a lot recently about what makes a “good senior portrait.” I’m thinking about this as both a photographer and a recent graduate of UCLA.

Naturally I decided to make a list of what makes a good senior portrait! Even if you don’t choose me for your photographer, I hope this list helps you out when you take your senior photos!


  1.  Research and talk with your photographer before the shoot. Have a good relationship with your photographer. Be friends!!!
  2.  Make sure the photographers style of editing is something you like.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes!
  4. Wear clothes that make you feel pretty/cool.
  5. Ask your photographer how many outfit changes you can make. Then pick out several outfit changes! You can even ask your photographer for help on which outfits will look good on camera.
  6. Bring your graduation robes 🙂
  7. Don’t get a new hair cut or fake tan right before the shoot. (You want to be comfortable with how you look …and really who wants to look like an oomp-loompa?)
  8. Pick a place to shoot that means something to you. Think about your school, favorite local hang out spot, etc.
  9. Do your make-up and make yourself feel pretty 🙂 You will be so much more relaxed at the shoot!
  10. Bring a friend…bring a whole cheer squad. Just make sure the people you bring are supportive and help you relax.
  11. Listen to pump-up music in the car ride over to the shoot location (think Rocky theme song…duna da, duna da)
  12. Practice smiling in the mirror before the shoot.
  13. Bring props! Bring a football, a flute, your ipod…heck bring your pet bunny if you want! Bring items that show who you are and make you comfortable.
  14. Remember it’s okay to be silly
  15. Please don’t wear all white or all black…
  16. on that note…wearing lots of color tends to look really good!
  17. Work with your photographer to not only get prints of your photos but also get digital copies. They will make awesome facebook profile pictures!

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