About Becca

imgp0084_2Hi, I am Becca Barrett and I’m a Bay Area photographer.

I know that life is a journey in the most literal way. After all, my journey began in San Francisco and then moved to Liverpool, England; al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia; and Concord, California. After graduating from Concord High School (Class of 2007) I then went to UCLA (Go Bruins!!!) and I am now back living in the Bay Area, California.

But life is more than a journey of places you go to. It’s the people you meet and the moments we all create together. That is why I am a photographer, to capture those moments.

My photography style? It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s real. I want to capture you being you. Full of pride, hope, and happiness. I believe relaxed natural pictures are the best and will stand the test of time. So no awkward posing, intense filters, or having to say cheese. I want to give you images that you can share with your friends, family, and future grandkids!


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