Love of travel is in my blood, y’all. It wasn’t even my choice. By the time I was ten years-old my parents had literally dragged me (sometimes kicking and screaming) across three different continents.

My parents met while my mother was on vacation in California from England. My father traveled while in the military and he proudly declares himself a wandering soul. I have to love traveling.

I LOVE seeing new places. Seeing how people live differently. Hearing their stories. Travel also doesn’t scare me. I watched my mother move around the world with three children. Any time I get lost in an airport, I think of that. If my mum can do it with three small children, I can do it alone.

So out in the World I go. Trying to see everything possible and using my camera to capture it.

Liverpool, England:



Read more about my travels around England: Here and Here

Paris, France:



New Orleans, Louisiana:


Las Vegas, Nevada:



San Francisco, California:


Los Angeles, California:



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