What to Wear?

3403962672_a246e8cc7dredoneWhat makes a good photo shoot is not the photographer’s skill at taking a photograph, it is the photographer’s ability to capture who you are – your sense of style. This page is a starting point for a conversation. A conversation about your photo shoot. Let’s start thinking about the all important questions: what should I wear? where should we do our shoot? what should I expect?

What to Expect:

We will meet at the location. I will have my camera ready to go! A photo shoot typically lasts about an hour but this depends on how many outfit or location changes you want. We will have already had several discussion about what you want out of your photo shoot. So once we meet, we are ready to start rocking it out and shooting!

Lighting and Location:

You will be the one to pick the location of the shoot! Think of places that mean something to you. You might pick a coffee shop, a special part of campus, an old alley with cool graffiti on the wall…anything! However if you can’t think of anywhere you would like to shoot, let me know. I keep a list of my favorite locations. We will be able to work something out.

Please remember, I am a natural light photographer. This means I need sunlight to take photographs. The best natural light is just after sunrise or just before sunset. I will work with you when you schedule a shoot to set the best time of day to take your photos.

What to think about wearing, GIRLS:

Feel free to bring a suitcase to the shoot!!!  Remember to wear what defines you and your style. Jeans with holes, hats, scarfs, ties, necklaces, rings, summer dresses, sparkley dresses, cowboy boots and even prom gowns! Be bold. Be funky. Most importantly, be yourself. Please try to avoid wearing all white or all black clothing.

What to think about wearing, BOYS:
Wear your favorite worn denim jeans, and lots of layers. Button downs, ties, muscle tee’s, prints, and jackets! Whatever reflects your style!  Flip flops, vans, or converse are great!

*I strongly discourage plain white tees and big white tennis shoes.
* Feel free to bring props. Bring a football, your car, books, heck even a horse!  Anything that helps show who you are.


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